• Shares Registrar Services
  • Corporate Consultancy

Shares Registrar Services

  • Balloting and Allotment of shares For IPO/OFS
  • Share Registrar / Transfer Agents
  • Dealing with Physical & CDC shareholders
  • Handling of Companies; corporate announcements
  • Handling Term Finance Certificate (TFC)/Preference Shares
  • Arrangement for dispatches of shareholders communication such as
    Accounts/Notices/Dividends/Bonus Shares/Right Shares.
  • Induction of Shares in CDS
  • Reporting and correspondence with SECP, Stock Exchanges, CDC and
    Board of Revenue
  • ESOS of Shares

Corporate Consultancy

  • Formation/Registration and Incorporation of partnership
    concerns, Private and public limited companies and Single

Member Company.

  • Handling of Corporate Matters, Submission/E-filling of Documents,
  • Statements, Forms to SECP and other Related Authorities
  • Public Issues and Share Floatation
  • Accountancy and Secretarial Services
  • Arranger for issuing of Right Shares
  • Indication of New securities in CDC